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and this is how we'll shatter your bones into salt
for we are saviour and undertaker in one skin
so | so it's summer; so it's suicide
an old fic of mine, moved here from my older writing journal to keep everything in the same place. this is pretty simplistic, but i like it.

"My name is Orestes," the noble says. He says nothing of the gaping abyss between his status and Slaid's.

Slaid is six, and he doesn't understand social power, or why the tattoo on Orestes' face frightens his mother so. He's never seen a tattoo before, and doesn't realize they're not meant to move.

Slaid Kul is six, and the noble is very, very tall.Collapse )
so | so it's summer; so it's suicide
ah, the odious task of writing a first entry. welcome, wanderers, to godhead, a personal comm which strzyga will be turning into an original writing archive. here you will find original works of a fantastical and, likely, horrifying nature. pay close attention to the individual adult content levels, as i have been told that some of the writing you'll find here is disturbing. feel free to wander as you like; the collection is small, for the moment, but will likely grow.

overrides, ftr, came from spire.
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